Tummy Scar Revision

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Tummy Scar Revision

The tummy says a lot about a person.  An upset stomach warns someone that their diet is unhealthy, a “belly bump” shows off a pregnant woman’s burgeoning bundle of joy, and the overall shape of the midsection reflects an individual’s workout goals.  When scarring occurs on the tummy region, it can upset the balance of one’s appearance and self-esteem.

If you have unsightly scar tissue on your belly, consider a visit with Dr. Hervé Gentile.  He is certified and a proud member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery.  Dr. Gentile has earned certification from all three of these medical boards, a feat that is unprecedented in South Texas.

Conveniently located in Corpus Christi, Dr. Gentile serves his community with passion and precision.  He understands how to address scarring along the midsection and he is able to transform your “problem area” into a source of pride. 

To learn more about tummy scar revision, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gentile at your earliest convenience.

What Is Scar Revision?

Scar revision is a measured, comprehensive medical approach to diminishing unwanted blemishes and smoothing out the skin’s radiance. When skin is compromised, the body reacts accordingly. Collagen production increases rapidly to patch the wound, resulting in repaired tissue that clashes with the look of its surrounding skin.

What Is Scar Revision?

The hue of a scar can be hyperpigmented, meaning that it appears darker than the adjacent skin tone, or hypopigmented, in which case it looks lighter than its surroundings.[1] Scars take on various shapes, such as hypertrophic, keloid and contractures.  Hypertrophic scars are slightly raised while keloid scars are even more pronounced, measuring over 4mm above the surface of the skin.  Contractures may occur when the skin and its underlying tissue is pulled apart.  Abdominal scars may fall into the contracture category if the individual experiences rapid weight gain or aggravates the area where two ridges of skin were sutured together.

Preventative Measures

The best way to eradicate belly scars is to minimize them in the first place.  If you are considering the benefits of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), make sure you communicate your concerns about scarring to Dr. Gentile ahead of time.  You will soon learn that Dr. Gentile applies his artistry and precision to properly conceal any incisions he needs to make as part of an abdominoplasty procedure.

Immediately following your tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Gentile will advise you on the best ways to shrink your scars before they grow.  Diet and movement are essential to overall wellness, and their contribution to scar mitigation is also important to consider.  Topical oils can help minimize scarring, but be sure to select a product that is 100% vitamin E.  If tummy scars persist, then Dr. Gentile may progress to the next stage of treatment.

Steroid Treatments 

Steroid injections or topical applications can reduce scarring during its inception.  These remedies may be administered in conjunction with a tummy tuck procedure or four weeks after surgery.  Dr. Gentile can advise which approach works best to treat belly scars in their formative stages.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser treatments can also minimize the appearance of scars on the stomach.[2] The focused light energy collapses the blood vessels responsible for giving scars their reddish tint.  Dr. Gentile is a master laser practitioner, using them to treat spider veins, as well as a host of other skin imperfections.  You can discuss which surface treatment is appropriate for your midsection scarring during a private consultation with Dr. Gentile.

Surgical Scar Revision

Dr. Gentile can effectively and gently remove tummy scars with his layered closure method. 

Some scar tissue demands a more invasive approach.  The skin consists of several layers.  By suturing subdermal tissue together at its deepest depths, Dr. Gentile will create a comprehensive system of adjoining your wound into a cohesive network.  Self-absorbable sutures help facilitate a rapid and robust healing process.  There is no need for follow-up visits to remove stitches when Dr. Gentile uses the layered technique.  As the doctor reaches the surface of the skin where the scar once was, he has already corrected all of its underlying layers.   

Another effective surgical approach is the flap method.  Dr. Gentile joins two adjacent flaps of skin together near the site of the scarring.  This technique hides the scar from view, replacing it with healthy, smooth skin along the surface of the belly.  

Punch Grafts

Punch Grafts

If there is not enough healthy tissue near the scar site to use the flap technique, then a punch graft may be more beneficial.  Dr. Gentile begins by harvesting a small patch of skin, usually from behind the ear.  This skin matches the texture and tone of the abdomen, making it ideal material for grafting.  Once Dr. Gentile has collected the necessary skin, he can use it to replace the offending scars along the belly.  The doctor gently makes a small hole at the site of the scar.  This hole is patched using the harvested skin graft from the donor site.  Once the belly skin adopts its new graft, the scarring is minimized as the healing contours take shape.


The midsection evolves rapidly to accommodate life changes.  The belly grows during pregnancy, it shrinks after massive weight loss, and its skin loses elasticity over time.  If you are insecure about your tummy, the last thing you want to do is draw more attention to it due to scarring.  The main benefit of scar revision is its ability to detract attention from a “problem area” and highlight your natural glow.  Dr. Gentile can provide aesthetic improvements, as well as a psychological boost.

Benefits of Scar Revision

  • More even skin tone
  • Less discomfort at the site of scarring
  • Increased confidence
  • More pleasing to the touch
  • Makes surgical incisions inconspicuous

To enjoy the benefits of scar revision for yourself, contact Dr. Gentile’s office in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Eligible Candidates

If you have undergone surgery that left behind unsightly scars along your abdomen, then scar revision may be the perfect solution for you.  Corpus Christi residents and visitors to South Texas can address their visible scars with the help of Dr. Gentile.  He can determine a patient’s eligibility for scar minimization during a comprehensive consultation.  If you have recently received a tummy tuck, you may need to wait for your skin to fully adapt to its new contours before addressing scar tissue.  The scarring may diminish on its own, and we want to make sure we do not rush the healing process. 

Dr. Gentile offers virtual consultations for those who are unable to visit him in person.  No matter where you log on, Dr. Gentile is eager to connect with you. 

Private Consultation in Corpus Christi

Improvement depends on communication.  Dr. Gentile wants to hear from you, so be prepared to share your medical history and scar revision goals.  During your consultation, the doctor will assess your abdominal region and strategize the best way to celebrate its ideal complexion.  Please call (361) 881-9999 to schedule your visit.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse our blog.  Dr. Gentile appreciates the opportunity to communicate directly with his South Texas friends and neighbors through various articles regarding healthcare and aesthetics.  

Preparation and Procedure

When you leave your consultation, you will be provided with comprehensive instructions on how to prepare for a scar revision procedure.  These directions will be tailored to your case, as each patient is unique.  You may be advised to stop smoking and quit taking certain supplements. 

On the day of your procedure, you will be made to feel relaxed and comfortable.  If your scar revision requires grafting, you will receive the appropriate anesthesia to facilitate a safe, successful skin transfer.  The duration of your procedure will depend on the extent of your scarring and the exact method by which Dr. Gentile plans to address it. 

Recovery and Results

It is natural and normal to experience swelling and redness after a scar revision procedure.  The severity of these conditions will hinge upon which treatment you receive.  Regardless of your procedure, Dr. Gentile always encourages plenty of restful recovery.

Do not irritate the area along your scars.  Wear loose clothing and follow Dr. Gentile’s advice regarding topical creams, sunscreen, and dietary restrictions.  We are excited to celebrate your transformative results, so please stay connected with our attentive staff.  Past patients have been kind enough to write scores of glowing reviews, and we hope you join the chorus soon!


How much does scar revision cost in South Texas?

The cost of scar treatment will depend on which technique is used to address the issue.  Dr. Gentile offers financing options to make sure you are getting the best care at the right price. 

Does scar revision work?

Skin is amazingly responsive.  Dr. Hervé Gentile has dedicated his professional life to bringing out his patients’ inner glow.  When scarring occurs, there is no better resource than our Corpus Christi office.  Call (361) 881-9999 to connect with one of our associates, and we will strategize the optimal approach to revising your tummy scars. 


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