Breast Lift

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Pregnancy, nursing, gravity, weight gain and loss all take their toll on a women’s breasts and contribute to sagging, loss of firmness, flattening and drooping which results in a gradual transformation in the shape and feel of your breasts.

If you feel disappointed because your breasts have changed over the years resulting in shrinking and sagging then maybe the solution to your problem is a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) with or without Breast Augmentation.

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The breast lift corrects the loss of breast volume in the upper portion of the breast and in advanced cases the extreme droopiness onto the upper abdomen. It lifts and reshapes your breasts providing a more youthful look to them at least for a time (no surgery can delay permanently the effects of time and gravity ). It can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence if you have the right motivation and realistic expectations, but it is not a guarantee for happiness.

–  For mild cases breast augmentation alone can solve the problem.

–  For moderate cases the lift is performed via a circumareolar approach, which consists of removal of skin around the nipple-areola, lifting and reshaping the breast tissue and placement (or not) of a breast implant depending on the need. The resultant scar is limited to a circle around the nipple-areola complex. It is well camouflaged by the coloring of the areola at the junction with the surrounding skin envelope. When you combine breast augmentation with a lift, the two procedures are opposites since you are expanding and increasing the volume and at the same time reducing the envelope with the lift. Therefore in this case because of its complexity, the choice of breast implants is made by Dr. Gentile.

–  If the sagginess is more marked, in addition to a circumareolar incision a vertical approach is also needed resulting in a vertical scar extending from the new nipple location to the breast fold. I call this procedure the “lollipop” with the areola representing the top of the lollipop while the scar is the stick or the lower part. This technique results in the least scarring and most natural looking breast. There is no horizontal scar and no scar is visible in a bra or low cut dress. Excess skin is removed from the lower part of the breast and the nipple-areola and underlying breast tissue lifted to a new higher position. The enlarged and stretched areola is usually made smaller in size and the skin that used to be above the nipple is now brought down to reshape and lift the breast.

–  Patients who have sustained massive weight loss or bariatric surgery present with very severe sagginess, flat breast and redundant skin. In these cases the anchor scar breast lift or inverted T is the preferred choice. Although this results in longer scars it better addresses the redundant skin excess and ultimately provides a better breast shape.

The procedure takes about 2 hours and is usually done under general anesthesia.  After surgery you will wear a bra over the bandages.

Your breasts may be bruised and swollen for a few days and pain usually is not severe and easily controlled by pain medication. After a week the surgical bra can be replaced by a softer support bra that opens in the front. No stitches need to be removed as all are self -absorbable.

Healing is a gradual process and although you may be up and about in a day or two, you should take it very easy and avoid any heavy activity for the first few days and especially avoid lifting anything over your head for 4 weeks. You will be given detailed instructions for resuming your normal activities, and you can return to work in 3 – 4 days.

Dr. Herve Gentile will make every effort to make your scars as inconspicuous as possible but nevertheless they are permanent. Although scars tend to fade with time, the circumareolar scar is very well camouflaged since it is located at the skin and areola junction while the vertical scar if required is usually placed so that it is hidden even when you wear low-cut tops. The anchor or inverted T scars are designed to be in the inframammary fold.


Your total cost for the breast lift is $5,600 or $5,900 in case the anchor procedure is needed. Also if done concomitantly with a tummy tuck your cost is much lower. The quote we provide you is all inclusive when the procedure is performed in our accredited office surgical center. Any lab work-up is excluded


For your convenience you may view a few selected cases in our Breast Lift Before & After photo gallery. To see our extensive photographic catalogues of pre-operative and post-operative photographs please contact our office and schedule a complimentary consultation.