External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF Devices

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External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF Devices are non-surgical, FDA-approved fat reduction and skin tightening treatments that help eliminate exercise-resistant pockets of fat on the body. The results you can achieve are generally long-lasting and require little to no downtime after treatment but are not as dramatic as what you can achieve with conventional liposuction.

The neck, the belly, the flanks, and the thighs are some of the most challenging areas to sculpt and slim. Even with the best exercise routines and strictest diets, the results can fall short of expectations. You now have a proven, safe, convenient answer to help slim down the belly, flanks, thighs and more without surgery.

External Ultrasound Liposuction has eliminated CoolSculpting in my practice as the number one non-surgical fat elimination treatment. It is also the most cost-effective. In the right patient it can boost their self-confidence. Contact Dr. Herve Gentile to learn more about it.

What is External Ultrasound Liposuction?

This is a new FDA-approved technology and is especially indicated in selected patients who are interested in looking better but are scared or just unwilling for whatever reason to undergo surgical liposuction.

This procedure is performed with the patient completely awake and made comfortable.

The ultrasound circular hand-piece is passed on the surface of the skin for several minutes after either ingestion of large quantity of fluids or injecting numbing medication underneath the skin. This acts as a medium for the conduction of the ultrasound energy. This differs from the traditional internal ultrasound assisted (UAL) liposuction in that incisions are not made for the introduction of the liposuction cannula and therefore the fat is not extracted. The results obviously are not as good and cannot be compared with the traditional liposuction techniques which uses tiny stab incision.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved non-surgical fat-freezing procedure.

The skin is squeezed by a special disposable suction device over the area to be treated and this brings the layer of fat to the precise temperature that results in a process called cryolipolysis. A CoolSculpting session can be completed in as little as an hour. Patients are free to return to their regular schedule immediately following their session.

What are Our RF Machines?

Our RF devices, such as Vanquish have in common that they emit radiofrequency (RF) energy which targets the fat cells using heat. Some are more labor-intensive requiring suction which can be uncomfortable and most necessitate multiple treatments. A treatment session typically will last 1 hour. All extensive studies and comparisons with the multiple devices available are based more on marketing rather than scientific. It is clear that at least the treatment of skin laxity is still a myth.

How Does External Ultrasound Liposuction Work?

An ultrasound wave is created by a hand-held piece over the area to be treated.

Fluid infiltration in the treatment area is required for the formation of the cavitation phenomenon. This is the physical principle that creates a progressive increase of bubble gas formation resulting in implosion and fragmentation of the fat cell which is later absorbed over time by your body. Therefore, for the process to work you will need to be super hydrated or alternatively have fluid injected in the area.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Cryolipolysis is a technical term for the freezing and elimination of fat cells. Further scientific research revealed that fat cells reach cell death at 0 degrees Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit, which is a temperature that usually is not harmful to surrounding cell-tissue types. CoolSculpting technology was developed on this principle. The technique involves placing a vacuum suction handle over the skin which is squeezed over the area to be treated resulting in freezing the underlying fat cells. The lipids contained in the fat cells crystallize and the fat cells die and are reabsorbed by your body.

This cryolipolysis is associated with discomfort and swelling lasting a few days as well as a high incidence of numbness in the treated area.

Other disadvantages are occasional permanent surface irregularities, severe pain and rarely a paradoxical increase in your fat. Supermodel Linda Evangelista became disfigured after CoolSculpting treatments.  You can read what happened to her in a Washington Post article available here.  The other drawback is that it requires multiple 1-hour sessions to treat each single area and since most patients have numerous areas that need to be addressed this can equate to long hours in treatment and days of repeated sessions. All of this becomes expensive. Of course, the results are less dramatic and will never match those achieved with conventional liposuction methods, in which the fat cells are removed and not left in your body to be absorbed and expelled.

How Do RF Devices Work?

Vanquish has an advantage over other RF devices since it utilizes a larger panel held close to the skin which can cover a larger area thereby speeding up the treatment time.

All of the RF systems such as Vanquish create a high frequency energy field that targets the fat cells with a thermal effect. Targeted RF energy will heat up the fat cells to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the fat cells to simply die. The applicator hovers over the skin which causes the same feeling as a warm heating blanket.

The applicator will not touch the skin itself, avoiding the risk of the skin becoming burned. It achieves the same result as CoolSculpting but instead of freezing the fat cells it heats them up.

External Ultrasound Vs CoolSculpting vs RF Devices

As you can see, you can reduce fat cells by either taking them to extremes in temperature or bombarding them with ultrasound waves. All of these devices are FDA approved for melting fat. They are all different in how they go about treating the fat but they have all in common that the fat cells remain in your body to be absorbed later. They all offer limited results compared to conventional liposuction. Their advantage is they accomplish it without surgery and offer patients a quicker recovery.

Cost is variable with CoolSculpting and RF is more expensive than External Ultrasound.

With all these devices multiple treatments and sometimes months are required to see results. All of them can have complications such as swelling, redness, soreness, bruising, and numbness. The External Ultrasound has the additional benefit of causing almost no bruising or pain.

Conventional Liposuction Vs Other Treatments

Patients may hear false comparisons between Conventional Liposuction and External Ultrasound, CoolSculpting and RF devices. Although all of these treatments result in the overall fat reduction from the body, their similarities end there.

External Ultrasound, CoolSculpting and RF are non-surgical, non-invasive and are performed by trained staff. Not only are the procedures drastically different, but the downtime, recovery, experience and capabilities are unique to each treatment.

Conventional Liposuction which also encompasses Laser Liposuction (Lipolysis) and Internal Ultrasound Liposuction are minimally-invasive surgical procedures that involve suctioning out the fatty tissue directly from the body using small tubes, called cannulas, via small incisions.

Conventional Liposuction treatment will involve either local or general anesthesia and likewise is associated with a short recovery time.

With Conventional Liposuction, larger amounts of fat are typically removed by the body compared to the non-invasive treatments and are performed only by the plastic surgeon. The tightening and contracting effect on your skin is far greater when compared to all the other devices. The External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF treatments only affect the very superficial layer of fat as these devices are not capable of penetrating into the deeper layers of your fat. Also, the staff performing the treatment has no control on the amount of fat to be removed.

Generally External Ultrasound, CoolSculpting and RF devices are indicated only in carefully selected patients who have minimal deposits of fat.

With Conventional Liposuction Dr. Herve` Gentile can completely remove in a safe manner all the fat necessary for you to achieve the best possible result. Remember that in conventional liposuction your fat cells are extracted from your body in a controlled manner and your results will always be superior.

Each treatment offers a unique set of benefits and will be appropriate depending on the goals and anatomy of the patient. To learn more about which options will suit your needs, consult with Dr. Gentile. There is no fat-melting device that can treat cellulite or striae regardless what you read on the media.

If less is what you are looking for then these treatments are for you.

Treatable Areas

The device applicators are customizable to treat a variety of areas of the body such as:

  • Abdomen
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Arms
  • Bra line
  • Neck and Chin
  • Flanks

All of these technologies effectively break down the fat cells in the body. Fat cells are an essential part of healthy bodily function, but not all fat tissues are the same. There are two main categories of fat, white and brown. White fat is the type of fat that provides the body with reserves of excess energy and collects closer to the surface of the skin. White fat is typically the cause of central obesity, “the belly fat,” and can be successfully addressed with liposuction or combined with other procedures such as a tummy tuck. Unfortunately, in men “the beer pot belly” is located intra-gut and therefore it is not amenable to any liposuction treatment. The amount of white versus brown fat that each individual carries is impacted by a variety of factors such as hormones, age, gender, and stress.

Generally, the number of fat cells in our bodies becomes fixed in early adulthood. Although weight can fluctuate significantly over time, this is actually a result of fat cells changing in size.

The overall count of fat cells in the body remains the same. However, with significant weight gain, there is a high chance of increasing the number of fat cells.

Fat cells broken down by External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF devices are permanently removed from the body by your metabolism. Unlike dieting and exercise, which simply shrink fat cells, the overall fat cell count in the body will decrease over time after treatment. In this sense, the results are permanent. It should be noted that future weight gain is always possible, which can eliminate any improvements achieved through treatment.


Benefits of treatment include:

  • No surgery
  • Quick Treatment Time
  • Little to No downtime
  • Long-term results
  • Cost

Dr. Herve Gentile – Consultation

Dr. Herve Gentile is consistently one of the top-ranked plastic surgeons in the country, specializing in the face, nose, breast, body contouring, and cosmetic non-surgical treatments. As one of the first triple board-certified plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Gentile draws on his extensive experience to provide each of his patients with world-class care.

Dr. Gentile’s practice philosophy is patient-focused, upholds the highest safety standards and risk minimization, and stresses the importance of artistic balance in harmony with the patient’s individual anatomy. All procedures are performed in an accredited center.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates are displeased with the appearance of lingering fat deposits on areas of their body such as the neck-chin, abdomen, thighs, and flanks. Spot reduction, although heavily marketed by diet pill companies or exercise machine manufacturers, is not possible to achieve on your own.

If you are considering a non-invasive fat elimination procedure, you should be in good overall health and within a reasonable range of your ideal weight. Treatment should not be thought of as an alternative to eating right and regular exercise. Ideal candidates are within 20 pounds of their healthy weight or within 10% of their ideal BMI.

The External Ultrasound Liposuction Treatment Experience

A single External Ultrasound Liposuction treatment session can be completed in about 5-10 minutes. The treatment does not require any anesthesia or involve any incisions. Patients are awake and resting comfortably during their treatment session and may feel a warmth over the area of treatment.

After the treatment area is cleaned, a clear conducting sonic gel is applied to the area. The ultrasound probe is then placed over the area and gently rubbed over it. During this phase, the fatty tissue in the area to be treated is brought to a carefully controlled level of agitation to achieve fat cell reduction.

As soon as the treatment is complete, a gentle massage is recommended. Patients are immediately able to return to their daily activities without any downtime.

Recovery and Results

Patients are up and able to continue on their normal routine as soon as the treatment session is over. With CoolSculpting and RF devices slight redness, pain, swelling and maybe numbness may linger for a few hours or days. Patients are advised to avoid heavy lifting or overexertion in the first 24 hours of their session.

The body will require some time to metabolize the fat cells that have been broken down. While results may be achieved after a single treatment, most patients will need to opt for a series of treatment sessions to achieve optimized body sculpting and fat reduction. The improvements achieved will become more and more obvious after several weeks and months.

In our experience, the majority of patients are inspired by their new, firmer, sculpted body and go on to develop even healthier lifestyles.


Each External Ultrasound Liposuction treatment is 100% customized to the goals and body of the patient. There are not one-size-fits-all treatments. Pricing will vary depending on the number of areas treated, the number of treatment sessions necessary, or the inclusion of complementary treatments. You will receive a custom quote at the end of your consultation. External Ultrasound Liposuction is much less expensive than CoolSculpting and RF Vanquish. A session with the External Ultrasound Liposuction costs $100-250, CoolSculpting $750-800+ and RF Vanquish $500-800.

External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting, RF Devices FAQs

What if I am not happy with the results?

If you are not happy with your results Dr Herve Gentile will offer you the option to convert to conventional liposuction with your cost deducted.

How many External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting or RF treatments will I need?

Most everyone will require at least 3 sessions and sometimes more depending on your personal goals, which adds to the cost. Rarely results can be achieved in a single session

How safe are External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF treatments?

All are FDA-approved and have a good safety record. The treatments involve no incisions, no anesthesia, and patients are able to return to their normal routine as soon as their treatment is complete. There are no limits to how many External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF treatments you can get, but it is recommended to space each session a month apart to give the body time to metabolize broken-down fat cells.

How long does the External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF treatment take?

A single session of External Ultrasound Liposuction will be completed in about 5 -10 minutes per area while CoolSculpting will take 1 hour and RF about 45 minutes per area.

Are External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF right for me?

External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF are an ideal fat reduction treatment for any healthy adult male or female who has struggled to achieve the results they want despite adequate dieting and exercise. It must be understood that the results are not comparable to conventional liposuction but you do have the option to convert to a conventional liposuction procedure if you are not content with your results.

Are External Ultrasound Liposuction, CoolSculpting and RF as effective as Conventional Liposuction?

Absolutely not! There is no comparison since none of these devices can removes as much fat as surgical liposuction. Therefore, it is important to understand that results may not match your expectations.

Why does the External Ultrasound Liposuction cost less than CoolSculpting or RF Vanquish?

Both CoolSculpting and Vanquish use very expensive disposables while External Ultrasound Liposuction uses a fixed sound probe.