Tummy Tuck [FAQs]

Does your stomach look loose, flabby, or distended? Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone may not be able to solve this problem. Pregnancy and weight loss commonly leave the abdomen stretched, wrinkled, or bulging. If you struggle to achieve a firm, flat stomach, this may be due to skin laxity on […]

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Breast Lift – Areola Reduction Corpus Christi

The size and shape of areolae are affected by muscle contraction and relaxation. When a plastic surgeon performs an areola reduction during a breast lift, he or she must keep this fact in mind, taking measures to avoid ending up with incorrectly sized areolae. When reducing an areola during a […]

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Wrinkle Fillers Like Botox Changed My Life

I’m going to share with you my experience with Botox and fillers and how I decided to try it. It all started while attending a family birthday party and my brother telling me he saw lines around my mouth when I made a facial expression. I was horrified and couldn’t […]

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My Mommy Makeover

When I first heard about Tummy Tucks awhile back, I was terrified at the thought of it. I remember reading an article about it and telling my friend that I’d never do that. Well, here I am now, about 10 years down the road from that moment. If I had […]

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My Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation Experience

I had met Dr. Gentile about 6 years ago for my sclerotherapy treatments. At that time I was overwhelmed with concern about how bad my legs looked with all my spider veins and I knew Dr. Gentile offered treatments for that so I saw him a few times for that. […]

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Lipoplasty – Corpus Christi Liposuction Treatment

Lipoplasty Corpus Christi

Flab can form in the most embarrassing and inconvenient places. Though we try to eat right and exercise regularly, some stubborn fat deposits just won’t go away. Lipoplasty is a method of getting rid of this unwanted fat once and for all. Also known as liposuction, lipoplasty is a versatile […]

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Abdominoplasty – Body Procedures Corpus Christi

Abdominoplasty Corpus Christi

Don’t hide your stomach at the pool – feel confident showing off that tummy with the help of an abdominoplasty procedure! Abdominoplasty gives patients a fit, slim stomach to be proud of. At the start of your abdominoplasty procedure, an incision will be created on the pubic hairline. This incision […]

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Breast Augmentation – Corpus Christi Breast Enhancement

Breast Augmentation Corpus Christi

If your breasts don’t have the volume or the projection that you desire, remember this: you have options! One of the most popular options when it comes to breast enhancement is the breast augmentation procedure, which features breast implants that add volume to the bustline. One’s breast augmentation consultation with […]

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Augmentation Mastopexy – Breast Procedure Corpus Christi

Augmentation Mastopexy Corpus Christi

Breast implants and breast lifts are both popular and effective procedures that can enhance the breasts, providing a boost to a patient’s bustline and self-image. In some cases, it is helpful to pair the breast lift and the breast augmentation in a single surgery. This procedure is called augmentation mastopexy. […]

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Labioplasty Recovery – Corpus Christi Post-Operative Care

Labioplasty Recovery Corpus Christi

Labioplasty surgery, or labial resculpting, is recommended by numerous satisfied patients. If you make sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s post-operative care instructions during labioplasty recovery, you’ll have the most comfortable healing period possible. Curious about the steps involved in the labioplasty recovery process? During your labioplasty recovery, being gentle […]

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