Male Liposuction

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Liposuction is an excellent treatment for men who struggle with stubborn fat deposits. Dr. Herve Gentile will approach your procedure with the male perspective.

With his understanding of human anatomy and expertise on the intricacies of the masculine form, he will help you achieve an incredible outcome with liposuction!

About Male Liposuction

Male liposuction is a surgical procedure that is often used to remove difficult deposits of fat. The fat that develops just below our skin is called subcutaneous fat. This fat is very difficult to remove especially in the love handles and is often unaffected by exercise and dieting. Liposuction is an effective way to reduce fat and get the results you want right away.

Male liposuction can be performed all over the body, including areas such as the back, arms, under the chin, thighs, abdomen, and chest. Male breast reduction is a very common procedure. If you are concerned about your “man boobs,” liposuction can reduce them and leave you with a natural-appearing male chest. Breasts in men are often caused by a hormone imbalance called gynecomastia. Gynecomastia treatment often involves medications to balance out the hormones. However, medication will take a long time to reduce the swollen breast tissue. Liposuction for gynecomastia will give you the dramatic results you want!

Whatever your problem, Dr. Gentile and you will work together to solve your concerns. Liposuction is a male body sculpting technique that will improve your body proportions and help you feel your best!

Types of Liposuction

Contrary to rumors, liposuction is not a weight loss solution. This surgical technique is used by many in-shape men to help them reduce stubborn fat and achieve the body goal they have been working towards. Regardless of your exercise routine, liposuction can help slim down your appearance.

There are many liposuction techniques that Dr. Gentile specializes in to help with your fat reduction. These include:

Tumescent Liposuction

This technique implements a diluted formula of xylocaine and adrenaline into the treatment area. The formula will reduce bleeding and help the procedure be less traumatic to surrounding tissues. Often combined with ultrasound and laser liposuction, the combination results in a shorter, more comfortable recovery time.

Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction is a great technique for small areas of stubborn fat.

A small laser fiber is inserted in very small, about 1 mm, incisions during the liposuction procedure. This technique strategically reduces stubborn fat cells. A laser not only allows for specific fat removal, but it also helps tighten the skin. Lipolysis can be performed under local anesthesia, helping to reduce the cost of the procedure. Another benefit of laser liposuction is that it can be performed closer to the surface of the skin, allowing for more impressive results.

Ultrasound Liposuction

Ultrasound techniques can be used internally and externally. When used internally, this technique will implement a small probe with rings that emit sound waves. The probe will be inserted through small incisions and the sound waves will help to remove fat cells seamlessly by the cavitation phenomenon. This is the physical principle that creates a formation of bubble gas resulting in implosion and fragmentation of the fat cell. The results will be a sculpted body and tightened skin. Ultrasound liposuction is great at reducing large areas of difficult fat. When used externally, tumescent fluid will be injected into the treatment area, after which the probe will be placed on the surface of your skin. The emulsified fat will be suctioned from the predetermined area with a cannula.


Are you looking for defined arms or chiseled abs? This meticulous technique literally sculpts your tissues to enhance muscle definition and body tone.

These different forms of liposuction will help Dr. Gentile strategically sculpt your body. Some techniques will be preferable for certain areas of the body. To know which treatment will give you your best results, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gentile.


Liposuction gives you the results you want right away! No more working out to meet a goal that often seems unattainable: get the results you want after one lipo surgery. There are many advantages to liposuction, including the fact that your procedure will be performed by Dr. Gentile. Dr. Gentile is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience! He has been recognized as an excellent top surgeon and is notably passionate about his job. Your liposuction procedure will be performed with care and precision.

Each treatment has its benefits, whether you are receiving laser lipo, which helps to tighten the skin, or ultrasound liposuction, which provides a shortened recovery time, your liposuction procedure will provide a set of its own benefits which will be discussed in your consultation.


Liposuction for men is a popular procedure! If you are a healthy man who is trying to achieve a sculpted, toned body this procedure may be for you. Men who have a health condition that will hinder their healing process may need to consider an alternative form of body sculpting. The best way to know if liposuction is for you is to call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Gentile today.

Personal Consultation

You will get the opportunity to meet and discuss liposuction with Dr. Gentile before scheduling your surgery. In this appointment, you will get to discuss the area of your body you would like improved. Dr. Gentile will listen and examine that area. He will also ask about your general health, medications, allergies, lifestyle, and past procedures. This information will help Dr. Gentile get a good idea of your health and whether liposuction is a healthy, safe procedure for you. If he does not deem lipo surgery a good option, Dr. Gentile will recommend alternative solutions to improve your body.

If Dr. Gentile sees that you are healthy to undergo liposuction, he will explain the procedure to you and explain the potential risks and expected outcome.

Photos of male body contouring before and after liposuction will be shown to you. These photographs should help you form a realistic outcome for what lipo surgery can achieve.

You and Dr. Gentile will schedule your surgery and he will inform you how to prepare for the surgery and recovery period.


You will need to plan for a couple of days of rest and recovery.

To prepare for your best liposuction surgery you will want to follow Dr. Gentile’s instructions. Alongside these instructions, you will also want to prepare a recovery area in your home. A designated space that is away from disturbance will help you have a healthy recovery. This area should have plenty of pillows, snacks, prescribed medications, water, and entertainment. It will be helpful to have a friend or family member stay with you for the first twenty-four hours of your at-home recovery. They can help you get around and adjust to being on your own.

Depending on where your surgery is and the anesthetic used, you may need to arrange for a ride to and from your lipo appointment. Make sure you arrive a few minutes early to your treatment and wear loose-fitting clothes.


When you arrive at your appointment, you will be greeted by the surgical team and change into a gown. Incision placement will be marked out and your preferred anesthetic will be administered.

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Gentile will begin the treatment. Incisions will be placed strategically within the natural curves of the body. The predetermined liposuction technique will be used to sculpt your body and help enhance your masculine features.

The surgery will take anywhere from one to three hours.

Once the treatment is complete, incisions will be closed, bandaged, and a compression garment will be placed over the treatment area.


Male liposuction recovery time often takes a few weeks. However, each man’s recovery experience will vary based on the number of treatments, the size of the area treated, and the liposuction technique used. Bruising and swelling may take a few weeks to diminish. The compression garment will help reduce swelling and help the treated area adjust to its new shape. Brief walks will also help to improve blood circulation.

It is important to avoid strenuous activity during your recovery. Your goal is to avoid adding pressure or strain to the treatment area and incision sites.

Following liposuction, take it easy and rest for a few days. Most men can return to sedentary jobs after a few days.

Follow-up appointments with Dr. Gentile will allow him to monitor your progress. He will answer any of your recovery questions and inform you what the rest of your healing period will look like.


The great thing about liposuction is that you can see your results immediately after treatment! You will notice you are slimmer in the treatment area and as the swelling decreases, will notice your toned results! Your results will last a long time, but for your best results, you will want to continue working out. Exercise and clean eating will keep your skin healthy and should help you maintain a good weight.


The cost of each liposuction procedure will vary on many elements, including how many areas are being treated, the lipo technique used, and the size of the area being improved. We customize each treatment to your unique features and desired outcome. If you are interested in hearing our liposuction estimates give us a call. If you want to know more about your own cost breakdown and how we would personalize a surgery to sculpt your unique body, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gentile today at (361) 881-9999.


Is liposuction considered major surgery?

Liposuction is considered a surgical procedure because it requires anesthesia and incisions. This treatment is performed just beneath the skin and will help remove fat and sculpt your body.

What is the recovery time for liposuction?

The average liposuction recovery time is two weeks. Each recovery time is specific to your body and the extent of the liposuction treatment.

How much does male liposuction cost?

The cost of each male liposuction will differ based on the man’s body goals, anatomical features, and health. If you are interested in how much a procedure would cost for you, call our office to hear what the average cost for you would be. Or for a cost breakdown, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gentile today.

Can men do liposuction?

Yes! Men are excellent candidates for liposuction. If you are unhappy with your appearance and are looking for a simple, effective way to transform your body, liposuction is your solution!