Ultrasound Treatments

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Following and as an Adjunct to Liposuction

Helps with softening the firmness and smoothing the contour irregularities in the immediate postoperative period following liposuction. The treatment consists of placing the circular hand-piece of the ultrasound machine over the area previously liposuctioned for five minutes. There is no discomfort and a few sessions on a weekly or biweekly interval are usually required.

External Ultrasound Fat Reduction

This is a new technology and is especially indicated in selected patients who are interested in looking better but are scared or just unwilling for whatever reason to undergo liposuction.

This procedure is performed with the patient awake after injecting a large quantity of numbing medication underneath the skin. The ultrasound circular probe hand-piece is then passed on the surface of the skin for several minutes. The injected solution acts as a medium for conduction of the ultrasound in addition to providing anesthesia. This differs from the traditional internal ultrasound assisted (UAL) liposuction in that incisions are not made for the introduction of the liposuction cannula and therefore no fat is extracted. The results obviously are not as good and cannot be compared with the traditional liposuction techniques using a 1/4 inch incision underneath your chin and are also performed under local anesthesia or  with IV sedation.

Long term benefits of external ultrasound fat reduction are not as yet established.


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