Buttock Augmentation

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Until recently the only way to create the illusion of a full gluteus, an essential feature of classical beauty, was through liposuction or, for some, a buttock lift. Today, just like with breast augmentation we can enhance your breast, with buttock augmentation we can add a procedure that truly reshapes and enhances your buttocks. Todays buttock implants are similar to gummy bears and are of the same quality as your gluteal muscles. These implants do not have many of the breast complications and they do not deflate or pop like a bag of water.

Latino, Spanish and African cultures idealize fuller buttocks in females and there is no question that a rounded and fuller gluteal shape provides a powerful erotic message.

Regardless of ethnic background, today, as in the classical greco-roman times a round buttock is perceived as youthful and desirable.

This is further ingrained when we look at popular magazines by our idealization of beautiful women as having perfectly smooth thighs and small rounded buttocks. There are two procedures available to augment your buttocks: the “Brazilian Butt Fill”, consisting of fat injections obtained from other areas of your body and Buttock Implants, which is the procedure of choice in thin people. Buttock implants are contraindicated in patients with a lot of sagginess in their lower buttocks since it would worsen their results ( these patients are better treated with a buttock lift ). Fillers or other injectables have no place in buttock augmentation.

Buttock Augmentation with Implants is performed under general anesthesia with a single incision placed in the midline of your sacral bone between the buttocks ( it starts at your funny bone and then continues upward for 2 ½ inches) completely concealing your scar within your underwear or bathing suit. Despite the fact that this area tends to heal very slowly, over time, the scar results fade away and are barely noticeable. The implants, which are made out of soft but solid silicone (in contrast to breast implants which are filled with saline or silicone gel) are then placed through this hidden incision, one on each side of the buttocks, in a specially custom designed pocket underneath your gluteal muscles.

During the consultation with Dr. Herve Gentile you will have, in addition to a review of your medical history, a personal evaluation of what is appropriate for you, your body size and frame as there are different size implants. Sometimes liposuction with or without fat transplantation is also use to enhance even further the result and is usually performed at a later stage. Liposuction is especially useful above the buttocks to increase the angle of takeoff from the lower back and therefore make it more abrupt and, also, below the buttocks at the banana fold to increase the definition and roundness of your buttock at the fold. Sometimes it is very useful to perform the so called ” BRAZILIAN BUTT FILL”. This procedure consists of injecting fat in layered tunnels via tiny incisions. Repeat grafting is frequently necessary because of a high absorption rate and it can only be performed in patients who have abundant fat and are scheduled for liposuction. In most cases the “Brazilian Butt Fill” greatly enhances and complements the Buttock Augmentation but by itself offers modest improvement as it cannot provide the round projection that most patients desire. This especially true if the patient is thin and has no body fat.

After the procedure you are taken to the recovery room and monitored until you are ready to be discharged. Usually, medication can control any pain and discomfort, and swelling and any bruising will disappear gradually. Although you will be up and about a day or two after surgery, the most important thing to avoid is sitting at least for the first few days. You will be seen in the office at 7 days and 2 weeks after surgery and less frequently thereafter depending on your progress. At this time your newly acquired figure should be able to better fill out your clothes but remember that although buttock augmentation can improve your look and make you feel good, it is not a guarantee for happiness. If liposuction and/or a “Brazilian Butt Fill” is contemplated this is performed 6 – 8 months following the Buttock Augmentation.