Chin Augmentation

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Through the centuries a strong chin has always been considered a sign of physical beauty and strength. On the other hand a person with a receding chin is characterized as having a “weak “chin. Since we always view ourselves in a forward plane we do not see our chin undersized and small until we view our profile in the mirror or on a photograph. Chin augmentation or mentoplasty is designed to correct this weak chin problem. During your consultation a complete facial analysis will be performed so you can visualize the contour of your face and chin. The shape of your nose and dental bite are also important preoperative considerations. If you have an abnormal or dysfunctional dental bite, advancement jaw surgery may be indicated or a nose reshaping procedure may be required in conjunction with the chin augmentation to address the imbalance of the face. You should also consider that your chin augmentation is a more permanent solution than soft tissue fillers injected around your jaw and that the implant will feel more like your natural bone. Also fillers are eventually absorbed, sometimes unevenly, and these injections need to be repeated continuously adding to the cost.

There are two techniques used in chin augmentation: the first one consists of moving the chin bone forward through an incision inside the mouth; the second one places an implant in the front of the chin bone through an incision either in the mouth or in the skin underneath the chin. Multiple implants are available in different sizes and shapes. The most popular implants used are made of solid silicone that also offer lower jaw contouring. The inside the mouth approach provides for a non-visible scar but the tradeoff is a higher risk of infection while the submental incision will also provide access for liposuction or other tightening procedures in the neck. Complications from chin augmentation are infrequent.