Be Your Best

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By Dr. Hervé F. Gentile, M.D., F.A.C.S.


Be Your Best

Although I grew up in Italy, where art classes are obligatory and you can’t turn a corner without discovering another fine example of sculpture or a painting, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be an artist. Nonetheless, my time there helped develop my deep appreciation for beauty and form. I’m sure this is why plastic surgery appealed to me in the first place.

While not a lot of students know what their career will be when they first enter medical school, I was sure of mine. And all throughout my academic years, my artistic background influenced me greatly – it still influences my work today. To get superb and superior results for patients, you need to apply visual concepts in much the same way you would apply them to a painting.

I think all cosmetic surgeons strive to obtain optimal results, but not everyone utilizes their aesthetic eye. And not all doctors make it a priority to educate themselves about new procedures and consider how useful and safe they might be. Such openness and sound surgical judgment must accompany creativity and interpersonal sensitivity if the patient’s experiences is going to be a positive one even the highest standards of the art of plastic surgery mean little if the human need is not addressed as well.

Another key component in the way a patient feels throughout treatment is how well informed they are. Everything your doctor suggests may not be right for you. You need to understand the risks and expected results associated with each procedure as well as which expectations are realistic and which are not. It’s very important for your doctor to understand what you want as opposed to what he thinks you need. Educating yourself will ease this exchange and ultimately lead to more pleasing results. You must both be sure you can achieve the results you’re seeking.

As you consider the options ahead of you, I hope this book becomes a tremendous resource. Not only will it instruct you in the basics of each procedure, but it provides insights on how to be sure you, as a patient and a person. will be well cared for.