Cheek Augmentation

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Until recently the only way to create the illusion of high cheek bones, an essential feature of classical beauty, was through the skillful application of make-up. Today cheek augmentation can give you a more permanent definition to a face that has a flat contour due to a long narrow or a round face. As we age sagginess of the skin and soft tissues further contribute to loss of our cheek bone definition. The alternative of simply having fillers injected is that these fillers will eventually be absorbed, sometimes unevenly, and the injections need to be repeated.

The procedure is performed through an incision inside the gum-line of the mouth, or the lower eyelid or sometimes via a temporal incision when performed in conjunction with a midface lift. A shaped implant is then inserted in the pocket above the cheekbone. There are numerous choices of implants available today including your own bone, but the most popular is solid silicone. Fat injections can be employed if less augmentation is required thereby avoiding the other approaches, but sometimes more than one injection is required to obtain a more lasting result. Furthermore, the implant you are receiving will expand and recontour your overlying soft tissues and at the same time rejuvenate your midface structures. It is a more permanent solution than soft tissue fillers or even fat injections since it will feel more like your natural bone.