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Intimacy is a wonderful form of connectivity.  It allows us to shed our inhibitions, share a human moment, and celebrate our bodies.  But intimacy is difficult to achieve if you have insecurities.  

Most nipples protrude (stick out) from the breast.  However, others lie flush with the areola, which is the dark skin surrounding the nipple.  An “inverted nipple” can cause a person to avoid certain romantic situations. If a nipple is severely malformed, it could make tight clothing feel uncomfortable or look unattractive.  Don’t struggle in silence; there is help on the horizon.  Dr. Herve Gentile serves patients in the Corpus Christi and South Texas region who need help regaining their confidence.  If you or someone you love needs nipple correction surgery, consult with Dr. Gentile today.

About Nipple Correction Treatment

Inverted nipples might make you feel alienated, but it is a surprisingly common occurrence.

Approximately 10% of us have one or more flat or differently-formed nipples.  When the milk duct is too short, the muscle pulls the nipple back. This results in an inverted look.

Most cases of inversion occur at birth.  Other nipple aberrations develop during puberty when our breast tissue transforms most rapidly.  If your nipple suddenly flattens in your adult years, it could be a sign of a more serious situation like Paget disease or inflammatory breast cancer.  

Our first priority is to maintain your ideal health.  Once your wellbeing has been established, we will work to enhance your aesthetics.  By restructuring the nipple’s underlying tissue, we can reverse an inversion or malformation that dissatisfies you.  

The Benefits of Nipple Correction

Once Dr. Gentile successfully corrects a contracted milk duct, it allows the nipple to protrude.  This will create a more traditional-looking areola.  

Psychosocial studies have proven that confidence is an important factor in perceived attractiveness. [1]  When you feel sexy, you project an empowered vibe.  By boosting your confidence in private, it could benefit your life in general.  

Ideal Candidates for Nipple Correction

There are several reasons why you or a loved one may seek nipple correction surgery.  If you had difficulty breastfeeding your baby in the past and intend to get pregnant again, this procedure could help.  Some devices give temporary aid to new mothers with inverted nipples, but their effectiveness is only temporary.  

Dr. Gentile offers results that are long-lasting and truly transformative.  

Our services can also benefit men with flat or unconventional nipples. If you are self-conscious when you remove your shirt at the beach, we can help address your needs.  Regardless of your level of inversion, we want to hear from you.  

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

When it comes to making a change, the first step is often the most difficult to take.  Dr. Gentile and his discreet, professional staff are ready to handle your case with compassion and expertise.

Please fill out a confidential online consultation request form and leave the rest to us.  Dr. Gentile really wants to work with you.

Patient Preparation

Every case is special and unique.

One important reason for a comprehensive consultation: to discuss what to expect on the day of your nipple correction procedure.  Dr. Gentile will assess your health records, determine what’s best for you, and progress from there.  

It is always advisable to quit smoking before any invasive procedure.  Tobacco products negatively impact your circulation and general wellness.  We want you to be as strong as possible to enjoy the next chapter of your aesthetic enhancement.

Nipple Correction Procedure Types

Due to the fact that most inverted nipples are caused by short lactiferous ducts, Dr. Gentile must first ask how important lactation is to you.  Do you intend to nurse a baby?  If the answer is no, then you may not need to preserve the milk ducts that are pulling your nipple back.

Dr. Gentile will also consider the degree to which your nipple is inverted when customizing his proposal for your nipple correction surgery.  If the condition is slight, then he would suggest a different approach than if the inversion is more pronounced.

Mild to Moderate 

It may be possible to preserve the full functionality of your milk ducts.  By simply stretching the duct tissue and then suturing it back in place, Dr. Gentile can achieve marvelous results. You will still be able to breastfeed your child in the future.  The only possible drawback to this method is the possibility of reversal.  Your ducts could once again invert, depending on the behavior of your surrounding muscle tissue.

Moderate to Severe

If lactation is not a priority for you, then Dr. Gentile can divide the attached milk duct.  Your nipple will be fully released from the forces clenching it.  When your milk ducts are reduced in this manner, there is little to no chance that the inversion will reoccur.  The doctor will carefully affix your newly protruded nipple in place.

Special Considerations

In the case of extremely inverted nipples, Dr. Gentile may use the telescope method.  After making a small incision around the nipple itself, the tissue is pulled out. The newly protruded nipple is then tightened around the base.  Alternately, Dr. Gentile might use dermal flaps to “prop up” a nipple.  Two small triangles of skin are attached to the nipple’s base.  Your procedure will depend on your physiology and desired outcome

Recovering from Your Procedure

Please ask a loved one to transport you to and from the clinic on the day of your procedure.  You may be instructed not to drive for up to a week after surgery. You should also avoid any heavy lifting during your recuperation period.

Rest is vital to any recovery.  Sleep at an incline of about 25 to 40 degrees.  You don’t want circulation to rush to your chest and interrupt the healing process.  Speaking of circulation, be sure to get up and walk periodically. A gentle stroll is the best way to prevent clotting and show the world the happy, healthy new you!

Avoid wearing tight bras and shirts for two weeks after your procedure.  Do not compress the nipples as they are finding their new shape. You must allow them to flourish

Nipple Correction Results

While some benefits of nipple correction surgery appear immediately, the full effects will take up to six weeks.  During that time, your ducts will heal and the nipple will find its shape naturally and beautifully.  To support ideal nipple health and recovery, avoid lying on your chest or putting other excessive pressure on the region.  

Possible Complementary Procedures 

Dr. Gentile approaches your health holistically.  Inverted nipples may just be one piece of the aesthetic puzzle.  If you are also dissatisfied with the general shape or size of your areolae, then please consult our blog. Dr. Gentile offers reduction treatment and breast lift surgery solutions.  

Keeping Your Costs Down

We pride ourselves on providing the best care while working within your financial means as best we can.  Dr. Gentile offers help via CareCredit, a system that caters to your comprehensive cosmetic needs.

We also encourage our visitors and their loved ones to lower their stress by considering a stay near our offices.  Our friends at the Emerald Beach Hotel are ready to welcome you into their comfortable and affordable accommodations.  Dr. Gentile offers his patients a discount at the hotel, which is located directly across the street from our Corpus Christi clinic.  


Is nipple correction painful?

We work closely with our clients before, during, and after every procedure to minimize any discomfort that may arise.  The more prepared you are, the more successful your procedure will be. Listen to Dr. Gentile and follow his recovery instructions as closely as possible.

How long does nipple correction surgery take?

Procedures vary from person to person and situation to situation. A typical nipple correction surgery takes between 30 and 120 minutes to complete.

Can you breastfeed after nipple correction surgery?

Yes, depending on the type of procedure you get.  Nipple correction surgery may reduce or reroute your lactiferous ducts.  Over time, this tissue may heal in a way that delivers milk directly to the nipple.  If you intend to breastfeed in the future, please tell Dr. Gentile of your intentions before your procedure.  He can work to preserve the structure of your lactiferous ducts if lactation is important to you.


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