Pinched Nasal Tip – Revision Rhinoplasty Corpus Christi

Pinched Nasal Tip

Why do the tips of some people’s noses look pinched in and narrow? Most commonly, people are left with a pinched nasal tip malformation because of mistakes made by plastic surgeons during rhinoplasty surgery (typically open rhinoplasty). When a surgeon takes away too much nasal tip cartilage, it’s harmful to the structural integrity of the nose and can cause nostril collapse.

Because the final shape of the nose isn’t immediately obvious after rhinoplasty, it can take some time to see that the nose has become pinched. But once the bruising and swelling goes down and the tissues are healed, a pinched nasal tip is quite obvious. You’ll be able to get revision rhinoplasty to correct this issue.

Other causes of pinched nasal tip include genetics and nasal injury. Regardless of the reason, an experienced, skilled plastic surgeon like the board-certified Dr. Hervè Gentile can help! Talk to Dr. Gentile about revision rhinoplasty – contact our office and set up an appointment.

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