Light Chemical Peel – Skin Revitalization Corpus Christi

Light Chemical Peel

Thinking about getting a light chemical peel to revitalize your skin? Before any beautification procedure, make sure to do the research, so you’ll be prepared. What does getting a peel actually entail?

During a light chemical peel, select chemicals are added to the skin with a brush or other medical implement. These mild, acidic chemicals sit on the skin and slowly remove cells from the epidermal layer, a process which may slightly sting. After the chemicals have been allowed to sit for ten minutes or less, they are cleansed from the skin.

To experience a light peel for yourself and reap the benefits, contact us for an appointment. Dr. Hervè Gentile is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, a highly trained professional who is ready and willing to help you reach your aesthetic goals in a comfortable environment.

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