Gummy Smile – Corpus Christi Options

Corpus Christi Options

Looking to get a prettier smile with less gum showing? When it comes to gummy smile reduction procedures, patients have many options. Some are surgical, others non-surgical and purely injection-based.

Botox is a non-surgical gummy smile reduction option in which the movement of a patient’s top lip is restricted, keeping it low enough to hide the gums during a smile. It involves small, precise injections of Botox in the muscle above the upper lip. Lip lowering, also known as hypermobile lip surgery, is a surgical option meant to create this same effect. After a cut is made above the upper teeth, tissue is excised. The upper lip is brought down, and the incision is sutured shut.

If you’re interested in learning more about your gummy smile reduction options, the first step is contacting our office for a consultation. Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hervè Gentile is here to help, so call or email today!

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