Gluteal Implants – Buttocks Enhancement Corpus Christi

Gluteal Implants Corpus Christi

You deserve the best that life has to offer, and that includes having a great butt. Thinking about butt augmentation with implants? Part of getting gluteal implants is deciding upon the best incision site.

Two options are usually available for incision sites: in the creased area between the buttocks, and at the junction between the bottom of the check and the thigh. Between the buttocks is the better location for hiding the resulting scars that come from getting gluteal implants. However, it does come with a greater risk of infection.

Weigh your options during an appointment with your plastic surgeon. How do you create an appointment? By contacting us! Set a date and time for a consultation about gluteal implants with Dr. Hervè Gentile, a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience with aesthetic surgery. Dr. Gentile will be happy to answer your questions.

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