Fat Transfer Injections – Healing Tips Corpus Christi

When looking at someone’s face, the signs of aging are often clear as day. Hollow cheeks and wrinkles give the impression that a person is older. Fat transfer injections can be used to reduce the signs of aging, revitalizing the face.

To avoid any sort of complications during your fat transfer healing process, do not make extreme facial expressions. The area will be weaker and will still be getting used to the new fat cells, so maintaining a relaxed face with minimal expressions will be a good way to ensure that the results from your fat transfer injections are ideal.

If you want to find out more about fat transfer injections, it’s vital that you get in contact with our office and set up a consultation. During your consultation, you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have to Dr. Hervè Gentile, an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

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