Drooping Nasal Tip – Corpus Christi Rhinoplasty

Drooping Nasal Tip

Drooping nasal tip is a type of nasal deformity that particularly stands out when you are smiling. This causes people to feel self-conscious in public and to smile less often. If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious, getting corrective rhinoplasty is a great way to improve the aesthetic balance of your face.

It’s easy to misidentify a drooping nasal tip. If you feel like you have a long nose, this appearance could actually be due to any of a number of nasal issues, including retracted nostrils or an overprojected tip (projecting forward but not necessarily downward).

Your plastic surgeon will be extremely helpful when it comes to identifying the nature of your nasal issues. Choose a surgeon with extensive rhinoplasty experience – choose board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hervè Gentile. To learn more about rhinoplasty, contact our office today for an appointment.

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