Alar Wedge Excision – Corpus Christi Wide Nose Rhinoplasty

Alar Wedge Excision

When a person’s nostrils flare excessively, creating the look of an overly wide nose, rhinoplasty can be used to reduce them. A nostril reduction is also known as an alar wedge excision.

An alar wedge excision involves a cut made on the area where the rounded part of the nostril meets the face. This creased area is helpful for hiding the resulting scar created by the technique.

After the incision is created, excess tissue is removed from the nostrils. To find out more about what alar wedge excision can do for you, talk to Dr. Hervè Gentile, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon serving the Corpus Christi area. Set up a consultation by contacting our office.

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