Sculptra Treatments – Dermal Fillers Corpus Christi

As we all know, the aging process can result in a gaunt look and numerous facial wrinkles. These unfortunate changes to one’s appearance can be reversed with the aid of Sculptra treatments, which rejuvenate the face and add structure.

After Sculptra treatments, there is a chance of a small amount of swelling and/or bruising in the tissues of the target area. An ice pack may be helpful in the first 24 hours after the injection(s). Carefully hold the ice pack against the treated areas in order to ameliorate these issues.

For a more youthful appearance and restored facial volume, contact us today and arrange an appointment. You’ll be able to learn more about Sculptra treatments and other cosmetic enhancements from Dr. Hervè Gentile, a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of skill.

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