Mini Abdominoplasty – Corpus Christi Lower Abdomen

Is your lower abdominal area looking flabby? If you’re noticing more belly fat and/or excess skin that exercise and diet aren’t able to fix, you may benefit from a mini abdominoplasty.

Unlike the more invasive full abdominoplasty, or traditional tummy tuck, the mini abdominoplasty concentrates on recontouring the lower abdominal area. After this procedure, you should be able to enjoy a fit, lean, toned stomach with no drooping skin.

Learn more about the mini abdominoplasty procedure with a trip to the skilled and experienced Dr. Hervè Gentile. A board-certified plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients, Dr. Gentile will be able to answer your questions and plan out your procedure using your feedback. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Gentile, contact our office today.

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