Labioplasty Recovery – Corpus Christi Post-Operative Care

Labioplasty surgery, or labial resculpting, is recommended by numerous satisfied patients. If you make sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s post-operative care instructions during labioplasty recovery, you’ll have the most comfortable healing period possible. Curious about the steps involved in the labioplasty recovery process?

During your labioplasty recovery, being gentle with the sensitive labial tissues is highly encouraged. As part of this, sexual intercourse should be avoided for a period of three to six weeks. Avoiding this activity will ensure that your healing tissues are not damaged and that your labioplasty results are preserved without complications.

To find out more about labioplasty recovery, speak with triple-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hervè Gentile, a well-respected medical professional serving the Corpus Christi area. Make an appointment for a consultation by contacting us today.

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