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Breast Lift

The size and shape of areolae are affected by muscle contraction and relaxation. When a plastic surgeon performs an areola reduction during a breast lift, he or she must keep this fact in mind, taking measures to avoid ending up with incorrectly sized areolae.

When reducing an areola during a breast lift, a circular incision is created around it, followed by a smaller one within the first circle. This inner circle is the goal size. Plastic surgeons give the areola room to relax by making this inner circle smaller than the intended goal size.

Breast lifts are a great way to make your breasts look perkier and younger. Discuss the breast lift procedure with your plastic surgeon. Dr. Hervè Gentile, a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Corpus Christi area, is happy to answer your questions. Contact our office to set up a consultation.

What is Areolae Reduction And Breast Lift Surgery?

Areolae reduction is a cosmetic procedure to reduce the size or puffiness of the areola (the circular area around the nipple). A breast lift will lift and shape the breasts, without changing the size of the actual breast. These two in combination can help create a suppler, young looking figure.

If your areola is misshapen, too large, or puffy, it can make you feel uncomfortable. This can happen as you age, after childbirth, breastfeeding, significant weight loss, or genetics. Many women who desire to have their areolae reduced, also desire a breast lift. These two procedures complement each other nicely. However, the incision by your plastic surgeon must be very precise, otherwise the areola can remain too large, or appear too small after surgery. Since every woman’s body is different, this can make this surgery a delicate procedure. Dr. Herve Gentile is an expert plastic surgeon who understands that you only get one chance at areolae reduction. While the doctor will lift the beasts, the reduction of the areola requires an understanding that breasts will stretch and relax after surgery, therefore the inner incision must appear smaller than the ultimate desired appearance of the areolae. His extra fine incision, coupled with his artistic surgical eye, allows him to make the double incision at the proper place for your specific breasts.

As well as, some women choose to include breast augmentation surgery at the same time to lift, enhance, while at the same time creating a more appeasing areola.

Candidates For Areolae Reduction Surgery

  • Large areolas
  • Disproportionate areolas
  • Puffy areolas
  • Are in good health
  • Understand the limitations and realities of areolae reduction

Candidates For Breast Lift Surgery

  • Sagging, drooping breasts
  • Nipples point downward
  • Breasts are noticeably asymmetrical
  • Are in good health
  • Understand the limitation and realities of breast lift surgery

Types of Breast Lift

To better understand how the areolar reduction and breast lift surgeries work, it is important to understand the different types of breast lift. Each lift is specific to a woman’s breast type and desired results.

Crescent Lift

The Crescent Lift is meant for women who have very minimal sagging. It is an incision on the top half the breast, creating a crescent shape. However, this type of breast lift will not work with an areolar reduction, due to the type of incision and will not lift your breast. It is seldom used.

Donut Lift

A Donut Lift, also known as a Peri or Circum-areolar lift, has the same initial incision as an areolar reduction; a circular incision around the entire areola. Therefore the donut lift is a good complimentary procedure for breast lift and areolar reduction. It is ideal for women who do not have significant sagging or significantly asymmetrical breasts. The incision is circular along the entire areola, and leaves minimal scarring.

Lollipop Lift

The Lollipop Lift, or vertical lift, creates a circular incision around the areola and down the center of the breast to the fold; hence the name, lollipop. An areolar reduction can easily be done at the same as this lift. The lollipop lift is designed for women who have significantly asymmetrical breasts, and/or drooping. The reason for this is not only does it lift the breast, but Dr. Gentile can remove excess skin at the same time. This is the most common breast lift performed by Dr. Gentile.

Anchor Lift

An Anchor Lift, sometimes called the Inverted-T lift, is designed for women who have a lot of excess skin or have experienced massive weight loss. The incision begins around the areola, down the breast to the fold, and then along the fold under the breast; giving it the shape of an anchor. The anchor lift will remove excess skin and soft tissue, can easily reduce the size of the areola, at the same time, and fully reshape the breasts without increasing the size. An areolar reduction can be performed with this type of breast lift. Dr. Gentile

Alternatives to Areolar Reduction and Breast Lift

There are some alternatives that produce less dramatic, sometimes not permanent results to a breast lift procedure, such as Botox injections into the breast, Breform Bra, and Laser Therapy; however, at this time, there are no alternatives to make your areolas look smaller or less puffy. Therefore, if you’re concerned about the size of the areola and the drooping of your breast, your best option, if you are a good candidate, may be a breast lift with areolar reduction.

What To Expect During The Consultation

The doctor will do a full health examination, as well as, examine the breasts for elasticity, areolar size, and the size and shape of the breasts to determine the appropriate procedure for you, if any, are necessary.

Dr. Gentile will sit down with you to address in detail the process of areolar reduction with a breast lift, and any concerns and questions you might have. He wants all of his patients to feel comfortable and to bring up any issues you can think of. His friendly and knowledgeable staff are also able to answer any questions and address and issues that come up, as well.

If Dr. Gentile determines that you are a good candidate for surgery, he will explain how the double incision is performed on the areola, as well as, what type of lift, and if augmentation is ideal for you.


To feel most comfortable with your up-coming breast lift and areolar reduction procedure it is important to understand what will occur during the approximate two hour surgery.

Dr. Gentile will have his anesthesiologist administer either a local or general anesthesia, based on the surgery. Once you are under, the doctor will begin by making an extra fine incision around the areola, and then dependent on the type of breast lift that has been specified based on your body type, the doctor will either stop at the initial areolar incision, or continue down your breast. It is important to note, that this will initially make the areola look smaller than once it is healed. Once the doctor has lifted the breast, by reshaping the soft tissue of your breast, he will reattach the smaller areola. The incision will be closed with fine sutures, and a dressing applied. Then you will be fitted with a bra to help support.

The patients are sent home the same day after surgery.


Understanding the recovery process is extremely important for healing properly. Dr. Gentile believes that this time at home is imperative to heal quickly as well as to reduce scarring, and maintain nipple and areola sensitivity. The doctor stresses to his patients that any question they may have during this time, should be addressed to himself and his staff. He believes there are never too many questions or concerns when it comes to your healing and health.

Dr. Gentile wants his patients to know that there is a time line for healing, however you may take less time or more time to heal. It is common during the recovery process to feel numb, bruised and swollen. These will heal themselves anywhere from two to six weeks. Again, if you have any concerns about any of the sensations, or lack thereof, during the recovery period, please contact Dr. Herve Gentile.

To help with bruising and swelling, it is imperative that you avoid strenuous physical activity for at least two weeks, avoid lifting anything until the doctor gives you the go ahead, as well as not sleep on your stomach. You should be able to return to driving within in two to three days of surgery, as long as you are not taking pain medication. Dr. Gentile will go over all of this during his consultation, as well as give you specific instructions for your personal healing and health.

You will return to the office within the first week so that the doctor can check the breast area, assess your healing, and remove any stitches. During your follow-up appointment, Dr. Gentile may give you further instructions to help speed along your healing.

While every woman’s recovery time after areolar reduction with a breast lift will be different, most women will be able to return to normal activities in two weeks.


The costs of areolar reduction and breast lift surgery can vary due to the type of breast lift required, and if you desire breast augmentation at the same time or at a second stage. Dr. Gentile will provide detailed cost information during his consultation.

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